The Generator Louisiana Home and Business Owners Need

If you live and work in south Louisiana, you know how intense our weather can be, from tropical storms to hurricanes, we’re all too familiar with wind gusts, tons of rain, and falling trees. Along with the sometimes brutal weather comes electrical power outages… losing power during a storm is often expected but no less annoying (if not infuriating).

That’s where Certified Electrical Services comes in.
Generac standby generators ensure that your home always has electricity.

We sell, install, and maintain Generac standby generators. These aren’t the portable machines people keep in their sheds, they actually tap directly into your home or office’s electrical box. Resembling outdoor AC units, they require no refueling or cranking to start up. When the system senses that your home (or other building) is no longer receiving power from the electrical grid, it automatically kicks on and begins delivering the energy you need. When working with Certified Electrical Services, you’re dealing with licensed, bonded, and insured electricians.

Having a trustworthy generator that supplies all of the power your family or business could need is a game changer… from ensuring that you have no shortage of hot water to powering your security alarm system,