What’s the Difference Between a Portable Backup and Standby Generator?

This is just a quick blog post to help you visualize and differentiate standby and backup generators… while there may be some rare exceptions, here’s a visual to help out anybody that might not be completely clear:
Photo: Generac Portable Backup Generator (left) and a Generac Standby Generator (right)
The portable backup generator is more than likely a familiar sight to anyone here in Louisiana… it’s typically stored in a shed and wheeled out for power outages (or seen on work sites and special events that need a bit of power), these are incredibly handy generators that require refueling and are designed for general purposes similar to the ones previously mentioned.

The standby generator (an example of which is pictured on the right) typically looks somewhat like an outdoor air conditioner… it doesn’t have a tank or an opening to pour fuel in, nor does it require cranking. The unit is attached to a building’s electrical box and is fully automated.

Hope this helps to clear up any potential confusion!