Generac Services for South Louisiana

Certified Electrical Services is a locally owned, locally operated, Louisiana proud company. Our service area is an approximately 85 mile radius from our home office in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Within limits, we also provide our services to certain Mississippi locations… to be sure, give us a ring at 225.791.1213 to be sure.

Certified Electrical Services, located close to Baton Rouge, servicing south Louisiana and parts of Mississippi. 225-791-1213

For those of you here in the state that might like a better idea of what our Generac generator sales and service area looks like, here are some specific locations to help illustrate  the locations we can assist you in (please note, these aren’t the ONLY locations, if your town is near one of the listed locations, then you’re probably in our service area).

That said, we gladly provide standby and backup power solutions for the good people of Baton Rouge, Central, Walker, Watson, Baker, Zachary, Slaughter, Lavonia, Port Allen, Brusly, Addis, Plaquemine, Prairieville, Gonzales, St. Gabriel, Geismar, St. Francisville, Jackson, Clinton, Natchez, Mandeville, Covington, Ponchatoula, Kentwood, Franklinton, Hammond, Slidell, New Roads, Erwinville, Breaux Bridge, and again, areas that are close to and surrounding these locations.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured electricians are more than happy to help you with everything from a full generator installation to regular maintenance as well as repairs of all kinds. Give us a call today to make sure you’re ready for hurricane season!

What’s the Difference Between a Portable Backup and Standby Generator?

This is just a quick blog post to help you visualize and differentiate standby and backup generators… while there may be some rare exceptions, here’s a visual to help out anybody that might not be completely clear:
Photo: Generac Portable Backup Generator (left) and a Generac Standby Generator (right)
The portable backup generator is more than likely a familiar sight to anyone here in Louisiana… it’s typically stored in a shed and wheeled out for power outages (or seen on work sites and special events that need a bit of power), these are incredibly handy generators that require refueling and are designed for general purposes similar to the ones previously mentioned.

The standby generator (an example of which is pictured on the right) typically looks somewhat like an outdoor air conditioner… it doesn’t have a tank or an opening to pour fuel in, nor does it require cranking. The unit is attached to a building’s electrical box and is fully automated.

Hope this helps to clear up any potential confusion!

Generators vs. Business Interruption Insurance (article by Generac)

Generac has a fantastic article up discussing the difference between having a generator for your emergency standby power as opposed to business interruption insurance. Here’s the piece:

Obviously this is geared towards business, though there are a few points that could relate to residential concerns as well… and not just for telecommuters or people that work from home.

Generac 30kw standby generator (Guardian Series).

When does hurricane season start for 2015?

When is hurricane season? When do we have to start worrying about tropical storms?

For Louisiana and the Gulf South, hurricane season starts on June 1st and ends on November 30th. For people living on the Eastern Pacific, hurricane season starts on May 15th, also ending on November 30th.

To stay up to date on hurricane and tropical storm updates, save a shortcut to the National Hurricane Center here:

For additional news as it relates to storms, we highly recommend the Time Picayune hurricane news page here:

Time to make sure your home is ready! A home standby generator will completely change the way you deal with storms… you’ll still want to be prepared for the worst, but as our customers can attest, riding out a storm without fear of losing electricity is the way to do it!

You never crank it or refuel it! When the power goes out, the generator senses it and automatically turns on, delivering much needed electricity to your entire home. Charge your phone, run the dryer, brew up a pot of coffee… thanks to your Generac generator, you can live life normally during and after the storms!

The Cost of Not Having a Standby Generator for your House or Business (Gulf Coast Residents Can Relate)

Here in Louisiana, tropical storms are a way of life and most folks are hurricane veterans. While the citizens here may be used to bad weather, our power lines (and power grid in general) still remain vulnerable to to the effects of powerful winds and falling trees. So what’s the cost of not having a good standby generator?
Generac Automated Home Standby Generators, $189 a Month
Here are some (miserable) scenarios many Louisiana residents can relate to:

It’s incredibly hot out, and a storm has been churning in the Gulf of Mexico… what was once a tropical storm is now a raging hurricane. People across the coast have spent the past day or two boarding up their homes and businesses, and have been shopping for water, canned food, and non perishable food to stash in a safe room. Most people know that the power will be the first thing to go… better not stock up the fridge (actually, do the opposite as it’ll be smelling bad in a few days). There won’t be any cooking either, so you have to shop accordingly.

The storm makes it to shore, and proceeds to travel over your parish… *pop* the power goes out.

Fortunately, you had a portable gas generator in the shed. Unfortunately, you’ve only got two cans of gas and only one of them is full. You step out of your dark, powerless house, put your empty gascan in the car, and try to avoid fallen limbs and debris as you make your way to the closest gas station that happens to be open. When you get there, all of the gas pumps are dry as a bone, and there’s a line of cars three city blocks long that will be idling for the next two hours… hoping that there will still be some remaining gas when they eventually make it to the pump.

You eventually get enough gas to last a day or so… but you’ll still be using candles, you won’t have hot water, you won’t be able to dry your soaked clothes, and the area of your home with power will be limited to the one room that you’re able to string an extension cord into. It’s not fun to say the least.

Now, a similar but slightly different scenario… in this one, you have a Generac standby generator attached to your home. It’s directly attached to the electrical box. You’ve never attempted to crank it up or add fuel to it (that would be difficult since there’s no way to do it).

OK, so the storm rolls in… it covers your parish… the electricity goes off… and…

…and then it comes right back on. That’s it. You have power. In fact, not only do you have all the electricity you need, you take a look outside and realize you’re the only person in your neighborhood with working lights, television, phone chargers, hot water heater, a working fridge and electric oven… everything’s normal!

No risks of carbon monoxide gas slipping into the home from a portable generator, no dangerous driving on wet roads covered in stuff that the winds blew all over the place, no irate people at the overcrowded gas station, no risk of having to head out after an emergency curfew, none of that!

This is what we do. As a Generac Elite dealer, our licensed, bonded, and insured electricians install and maintain these generators and perform repairs that meet the high standards that Generac sets.

If you’re a Louisiana resident, give us a call at 225-791-1213 and never suffer through a blackout again! Power outages are history!

The Generator Louisiana Home and Business Owners Need

If you live and work in south Louisiana, you know how intense our weather can be, from tropical storms to hurricanes, we’re all too familiar with wind gusts, tons of rain, and falling trees. Along with the sometimes brutal weather comes electrical power outages… losing power during a storm is often expected but no less annoying (if not infuriating).

That’s where Certified Electrical Services comes in.
Generac standby generators ensure that your home always has electricity.

We sell, install, and maintain Generac standby generators. These aren’t the portable machines people keep in their sheds, they actually tap directly into your home or office’s electrical box. Resembling outdoor AC units, they require no refueling or cranking to start up. When the system senses that your home (or other building) is no longer receiving power from the electrical grid, it automatically kicks on and begins delivering the energy you need. When working with Certified Electrical Services, you’re dealing with licensed, bonded, and insured electricians.

Having a trustworthy generator that supplies all of the power your family or business could need is a game changer… from ensuring that you have no shortage of hot water to powering your security alarm system,


Certified Electrical Services is a department of Certified Alarms Inc. and is Louisiana’s Elite Generac Dealer.”Certified Alarms Inc. Certified Alarms was established in 1991 to meet the security needs of the Baton rouge area. What distinguishes Certified form other companies is it’s service oriented approach and family oriented atmosphere. Certified proudly offers an in-house customer service department. Customers can walk into the office, talk face to face with a customer service representative, and get results. This is more effective than being on call with a call center.

Louisiana's Elite Generac Home Standby Generator Dealer serving Baton Rouge and all of south Louisiana.

Certified Electrical Services offers turnkey installation, maintenance and repair service. as well as affordable service plans for Generac residential and commercial generators. You can rely on our expertise to design, build, and install any security or emergency backup generator system for your home or business. As an Authorized Generac Dealer and service company, Certified Electrical Services is Louisiana’s first choice for electrical, security and generator maintenance and repair.