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Generac Elite dealer status is awarded to members of Generac’s dealer network who consistently demonstrate a commitment to deliver superior levels of  sales and service. Elite dealers maintain a qualified staff of factory-trained service technicians along with ample parts inventory.

Automatic Standby Generators
24/7 EMERGENCY POWER BACKUP for Louisiana homes & businesses.
In Louisiana, we know tropical storms, hurricanes, and electrical outages. As we’ve seen from past storms, a lack of power can quickly turn into a crisis for home owners and businesses alike. In 2005, many of us in south Louisiana remember when folks were rushing out purchasing portable generators until they were all gone, then restocked with many that simply didn’t work. Portable generators are handy, if not necessary for certain things, but when it comes to powering a home, the limitations become obvious.

Portable generators simply aren’t in the same class as Generac standby generators… portable generators are designed for temporary use. Even with larger models, a tank of gas can be burned through the course of an evening. With portable models, they have to be placed in well ventilated outdoor locations that ensure no potentially-fatal carbon monoxide gas gets into the home (this is a tragedy that occurs too often). There’s also the issue of fuel… during worst case scenarios, people were lined up in their cars hoping the gas station pumps wouldn’t run dry, but as well know, a lot of service stations simply ran out of gas.

With a Generac backup generator, none of those concerns matter anymore. You never have to step out in dangerous winds during the rain to fill it up with fuel or worry that the machine won’t crank up. Our generators are attached directly to your home’s electrical system by a licensed electrician… when the power goes out, your generator senses it, and then kicks on automatically… powering your home as if nothing even happened.

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The Power Behind the Performance
It will give you the power to heat your water, so you have hot water during any kind of power outage. A home standby generator will keep your refrigerator and freezer on, ensuring that no food goes to waste or spoils. In the event of an emergency, you will have power to a landline phone, access to a radio and TV, and computer access if needed – Your life won’t miss a beat. Many Certified Generac Generator models feature Generac’s OHVI engine, which utilizes the same type of pressurized oil lubrication used to give automobile engines long and trouble-free lives and has a significantly longer life than competitive engines – an unprecedented three to four times longer.

• The most environmentally friendly generator on the market.- Consumes less fuel and releases fewer emissions. 
• Kicks in within 10 seconds of determining power loss. 
• All-steel enclosures with RhinoCoat finish. 
• Continuous fuel with choice of LP or natural gas. 
• TruePower Technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances. 
• Powered by Generac’s OHVI engine, – designed specifically for generators. 
• Lasts three to four times longer than many competitive engines.
• Easiest installation and best value on the market. All models include mounting pad, many models pre-packaged with a pre-wired transfer switch. 
• Quiet-Test mode for a weekly self test that’s quieter than other brands.What Size Generator Do I Need for Home or Business?
By sizing your generator to your needs instead of your home’s square footage, you won’t overspend or be surprised by inadequate coverage. Decide what items are important to you in a power outage. Depending on where you live, having a backup generator can make the difference between shivering through a winter power outage or staying warm and toasty while you wait for electricity crews to do their work. Several considerations come into play when thinking about the size, or wattage, of generator that the typical person needs to have at home.
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Generac generator with Mobile Link technology. Know what your generator is doing even if you aren't in Louisiana.
Know your generator will be ready when you need it.
Mobile Link is the new cellular remote monitoring system from Generac® that lets you check on your standby generator’s status, or receive timely notifications when something is needed, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. With Mobile Link, you’ll always know exactly what your generator is doing – or not doing.