Maintenance and Repair

When it comes to standby generators, keep in mind we aren’t just a dealer. On our team we have licensed, bonded and insured electricians that can handle projects of any size, from powering small homes to generating electricity for industrial-sized projects. When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, nobody knows generators like our guys.

If you currently have a standby generator that powers your home, but it seems to be on its last leg or doesn’t run at all, give us a call at 225.928.7867. Fact is, our electricians have handled a number of situations that other generator technicians couldn’t fix. Save time by calling us first.

The image below is a 10-year old generator we repaired. When we got to it, it wasn’t running at all, and as you can see, it was looking a bit weathered. Today, it operates (and looks) like it’s brand new. Again, if you have a generator that is making you doubt its effectiveness in case the power goes out, let us know. Generators are our specialty.
THis is a generator that we serviced. When we got to it, it was pretty much dead. Now it's runs and looks like a brand new machine.